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Sumac 1


The dark red berries of the Sumac bush are slightly aromatic with a sour, fruity and slightly astringent flavor.  They are dried and then crushed to a coarse powder.  Sumac grows wild all over the Mediterranean.

Sumac is widely used in Middle Eastern, Turkish and Persian cooking, often in place of lemon juice or vinegar.  Sprinkle it on salads, rice, meats and poultry or rub it on kabobs before grilling.   Sumac adds a surprising and wonderful tang to these and many other dishes.

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Small Jar – 2.2 oz, Family Size Jar – 6 oz, Chef Size Container – 16 oz, Large Container – 5 lb, Refill Bag – 3 lb, Bulk – 25 lb, Bulk – 50 lb

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